SK Home uses only the finest premium materials ensuring lasting creations.

  • Our upholstery fabrics are top quality comprising velvet, linen and leather ranges covering all your home furniture needs
  • Our wood ranges from standard pine to exotics such as oak, beech and mahogany
  • Our steelwork is offered in brushed and metallic finishes
  • We utilize high density quality foam to ensure optimum durability


Beautifully soft and sumptuous, it’s no wonder velvet is a popular choice for interiors and upholstery. Nothing better to make you feel comfortable, luxurious, and full of pampered plushness! Our velvet range materials have a rub count of over 30 000. That means you would have to rub the fabric 30 000 times before it starts showing wear. That’s a lot of rubs! The hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants also opt for fabrics with a 25 000 rub count or higher. This quality is made for heavy residential use by industry standards, and ensures durability. On our website, we focus on our designer selected colour suggestions that is timeless however we have a vast range of fabric choices to suit every kind of taste.

Despite its beauty, velvet is misconceived to be high maintenance. While it’s not as hard-wearing as say genuine leather, velvet isn’t all that delicate and can last for decades if properly cared for.


Linen fabric is a more classic choice. It has a timeless opulent look which enhances your home’s interior décor and is often selected for furniture that is used daily. Linen fabric is very strong and extremely durable.  Furniture covered with linen will not show signs of wear for a long time. Upholstery linen fabric is naturally antistatic. Man-made fabrics are known for being dust magnets, but linen means comfort with less care – you only need to brush or vacuum occasionally. Linen fabric resists stains easily, making it easier to maintain the fabric’s original, beautiful appearance. Linen is also an environmentally friendly choice.


Microfibrer leather or microleather for short is superior synthetic leather which perfectly replicates features of real leather such as the feeling when you stroke it, breathability and moisture absorption. The performance of microfiber including chemical and abrasion resistance, anti-crease, and aging resistance are actually better than genuine leather. Microleather also possesses high abrasion resistance, high tear strength, tensile strength and flexing endurance, very good uniformity, high dimensional stability, anti-bacterial, anti-odour, excellent chemical properties, lightness, breathability, water repellency, eco-friendly, washable, injectable. Microleather is also odorless which is not always the case with genuine leather. Microleather allows you to get a lasting replicated leather look and feel at a more affordable price.

Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather has always been associated with classic and opulent furniture. Upholstery leather can be found in many variations of style, colors, finishes and tanning. It has a luxurious appearance and natural touch, real leather stands out with its different grains and typical smell. It is extremely durable, real leather is very resistant to wear. It is breathable and very comfortable.

The above four materials really comes down to personal preference and any one of them adds lasting plushness to your interior. SK Home brings luxury into your home across any of or available material choices. We focus on statement pieces and occasional furniture that makes your family feel like royalty and tells your guests you are WOW! Shop our online store to add some GLAM to your interior.

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